Is XTRgate Really a Scam?

People are often quick to dismiss a forward-thinking company as a scam after just five minutes of trying (and failing) to understand what it’s all about.

Such is the case with XTRgate, a cryptocurrency trading company that allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrency within an innovative platform.

As you may know, there are XTRgatescam reviews circulating across the web, but keep in mind that these bad reviews are unfounded and contain very little actual information about the trading portal, if any.

One sure sign that a review was made just to ruin the reputation of a legitimate company is that there are glaring holes and facts in the content. Writing is done haphazardly, with accusations thrown around every paragraph or so.

This XTRgate review is an honest-to-goodness, in-depth and comprehensive take on the remarkable cryptocurrency trading business that’s 100% safe and scam-free.

Just What is XTRgate Really?

Do a quick search of XTRgate and you’ll find many happy users who had invested in the platform and came away with more money than they started with.

It’s only normal that a successful company such as XTRgate will run into a few problems every now and then. Not all people know how to trade, and sometimes they lose money by making personal mistakes and lapses in judgment.

These people will normally try to blame XTRgate for their loss and come up with excuses to get their money back. Unfortunately, this isn’t XTRgate’s error, and in any case they cannot give back the user’s funds if it was their mistake for throwing it away.

The bottom line is, trading platforms simply cannot reimburse members their money if they lost it in unwise trades.

Then, there’s the matter of unscrupulous people trying all sorts of tricks to try and scam trading websites. More often than not, these shady traders will try to find loopholes in the system so they can get away with money that isn’t theirs.

Of course, any self-respecting business will protect itself from such methods, and this is what XTRgate is doing. As long as you’re trading within the rules set by the company, you won’t have to worry about blocked accounts, locked funds and all that. XTRgate will allow you to make withdrawals in a timely manner so you can buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies.

About XTRgate

Trading experts will tell you that there’s nothing wrong with an offshore company. In fact, the location can prove to be very useful and even give you an advantage in some situations.

One of XTRgate’s features is its anonymity. Much like using a VPN to conceal your actions on the internet, XTRgate protects your assets, data and personal information from prying eyes, e.g., hackers and people who try to sell information to the highest bidder.

When you trade with the offshore crypto platform, your identity is kept safe and under the best encryption technology. Of course, XTRgate won’t just appear in a simple Google search because then it will be the target of hacking organizations and tax-hunting institutions.

One way to check and see if a trading platform is to view international company registrars. If you do your homework then you’ll easily see that XTRgate is fully registered and licensed for trading cryptocurrencies. Then you shouldn’t have any doubts and continue trading within a reliable, easy-to-use portal.

XTRgate can be found under regulatory bodies NFA, FCA, CySEC, ASIC and more.

An Overview of XTRgate

XTRgate utilizes a unique platform that’s similar to the MetaTrader 4 software. If you’ve used this app before then you’ll feel right at home with XTRgate.

The tools that are included are all useful. You can easily analyze the crypto trends and make actions in a real-time aspect. Popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and others are in full force here.

The company has made credit card, bank and wire transfer deposits and withdrawals available, which is always a good sign. Turnaround time for these are pleasantly lightning-quick and should only take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour before it appears on your bank or XTRgate account.

Some of the payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, Neteller and others.

XTRgate will require you to deposit a minimal amount, and the withdrawal ceiling and limit are within reason. Afterwards, you can read about the rules, cut-off days and when you can expect your money when you call for a withdrawal.

Trading in XTRgate

The XTRgate platform sports a clean look that immediately puts you right at home and ready to trade cryptocurrency.

The main dashboard houses a wealth of trading options that can be customized at any given time. It’s the perfect setup for any type of trader, whether you’re working in multiple screens and windows and want everything showing or want a simple trade-and-go solution on your laptop.

The most important windows will always be accessible in a click or two. Even beginner crypto traders will find it a pleasant experience compared to other trading sites out there.

Other trading platforms will ask you for your bank account and other financial information via TeamViewer or AnyDesk, but don’t fall for it- keep your data safe and don’t just put it out there. The last thing you’d want is a breach that’s of your own making, something that can easily be avoided if you keep a good, sensible head.

XTRgate will never ask you for sensitive information other than when you’re creating an account with them. An encrypted 256-bit SSL technology keeps things under wraps as you deposit funds or take home your trading profits.

Account creation deserves special mention here. XTRgate makes it fast and easy to start trading by asking only for the bare minimum, e.g., your Name, email address and a verification to make sure they’re not inviting spam or troll accounts.

How to Win in XTRgate

Once you’re inside the trading platform you’ll be given choices on how you can proceed. Stop and consider for a moment how you’d like to invest your money- do you want small gains and steady upwards increments, or are you more of a risk-taker? Once you establish that then you can pick one of several available account types.

Among the features in XTRgate include market reviews, pro webinars, PIA trading signals, personalized trading strategy, price alerts and more. Each one will have its pros and cons depending on your cryptocurrency and overall goal.

What’s great about the accounts is that there are clear definitions of each, which gives you an idea of how they work and how they fit into your plan. Trading experts will appreciate the fact that they can go straight to doing what they love, while beginners can have their expectations met as soon as they click on ‘finish account creation’.

Like any top trading firm XTRgate has a 24/7 customer support that will answer all your questions. The company has made it such that you can contact them via multiple communication channels, including chat, email, phone and by submitting a ticket online. You’ll be sure to get a response from knowledgeable staff, who will guide you through the process.

Time spent trading crypto is time well spent, more so if it’s in XTRgate. The company has your best interests in mind and is far less likely to scam you out of your hard-earned money. The years they spend building up their reputation means they take trading seriously and want to provide one of the best online trading platforms out there.

Is XTRgate a Scam?

To answer the question ‘is XTRgate a scam?’, it’s a resounding no.

People try to ruin a perfectly good cryptocurrency trading platform by providing half-baked reviews and posting it as ‘informative content’.

There are several points to prove that it’s not a scam company. For one, they’re listed under authority figures and international regulatory bodies if you do your research thoroughly.

The anonymity of the platform makes other people suspicious, but it’s really a matter of protecting its audience and users. Most traders, or anyone else wouldn’t want their private information given away to third parties who take advantage. By keeping eyes-only information within the database there’s virtually no way to hack into and gain all the user’s financial details.

XTRgate has the makings of an excellent trading platform. Their website is beautifully designed yet functional enough for optimized trading. We like how the clean aesthetic of the site looks and how responsive it is to our actions.

Moreover, the platform accepts a wide range of payment and deposit methods, and the turnaround time is among the best in the industry. You can make a deposit and start trading your favorite cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes. More importantly, withdrawing is very easy and you can choose to have it sent directly to your bank account.

XTRgate has generated quite the buzz online and is one of the most popular trading companies in the market. To say that it’s a scam isn’t the right way to acknowledge a perfectly legitimate trading platform.

Bottom line, don’t believe negative reviews as they come from the competition and are false information.

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