Many investors and traders are continually trying to get into the crypto market, this is due to the thousands of testimonials from people who have made millions from the profits which can be found in the market. This is probably because bitcoin is seemingly the safest currency available, not only is it decentralized as it has no governing body that regulates it but inflation rates do not affect this digital currency at all.

Trading in this market however can be very difficult as you have to always keep up with the fluctuating market, make predictions on how the market will go before making trades that will benefit you. It is not only time consuming but can be very tiring and confusing, this is why many investors now use an auto trading robot for their trading and it pays.


Using a legit auto crypto trading robot can help a trader make much profit from the crypto market, the problem then becomes picking the right trading robot for the job. This is because not all auto trading bot delivers the profits they promised. The wrong trading software will bring you losses and discourage you if you’re new in the crypto market.

The right auto training robot on the other hand will make the profits rain daily and just as there are fake ones, there are also several real ones. The challenge once again becomes figuring out which amongst the good ones perform more efficiently. This is why we have decided to review one of the top auto trading platforms so you can find it in Xtrgatescam easier to make your decision.

What We Know About Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass is a great automated trading robot that helps decipher the crypto market to recognize trading opportunities on behalf of its users. It is independent and does not require the constant supervision from the user, it helps the user make trades which it has predicted to be very profitable for them with its cutting-edge algorithm.

For those who have a day job and are only using crypto trading as a second source of income, this app is perfect as it does everything on your behalf. It only requires the user to make a deposit, set parameters, sit back and watch the trading software perform its magic.

This auto trading software was created by a group of analysts and engineers, its sole purpose is to assist traders in trading with crypto. It is meant to analyze the market, predict the direction the market is bound to move and then make a trade that favors the trader in quick time before the opportunity closes.

A new trader in the crypto market will benefit greatly from this market as it doesn’t need you to be experienced in the market trends, this saves traders the need for hiring other traders to perform these tasks on their behalf. The site is fully registered and there are testimonials online from various people who have earned massively from this site, this is one of the reasons the site is so popular.

Salient Features of Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass has some amazing features that make it even more perfect as a go-to trading software for investors and traders looking for the right trading platform to choose.

  • Security

Bitcoin Compass trading platform is very safe for its users, this trading software makes use of the SSL internet security on its platform. This means that there is an online security procedure put in place to encrypt every piece of information that is stowed away on the trading platform. The blockchain which the software also makes use of can be trusted as it is very much protected.

  • Customer Service

The customer service support of the Bitcoin Compass trading platform can only be referred to as top-notch, it is available both day and night. A trader can make requests, queries and report an issue at any time of the day and is bound to get a quick response to help them continue using the platform smoothly.

  • User Friendly

This software was created to be user friendly so the trader does not get frustrated using the platform, it is very easy to understand. The platform has such a simple interface that there is no need for any special guidance for traders to make use of the software, even new traders who have never used a trading platform before is sure to have no problem with this software.

  • No Charges

Bitcoin Compass trading platform is completely free and has no charges attached to using it, there are no hidden charges for making use of the platform to trade, deposit or for withdrawals. The system takes a very small percentage whenever a trader makes profits and this is stated in the terms and conditions. Any fund you might have on the platform is yours and yours alone and you can withdraw at any time you want with no stress.

How Does it Work?

Salient Features of Bitcoin Compass

This software works in such a suave and competent manner that there are hardly any losses to be had on the site, it helps investors make profits on their deposits from the crypto market. Both expert traders and new traders can greatly benefit from this system, it works at great speed to perform its transactions.

The software makes use of an innovative algorithm that observes the crypto market closely in case of a profitable trading opportunity and when it spots one, it makes a trade automatically for the trader. This way, the user does not need to be present for trades to take place on his/her behalf.

Because it is an automated trading robot, it can make many transactions within minutes which far surpasses the human capability as we can only make so many trades at a time. The site trades not only with bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies and this allows a trader to trade with as many currencies as he/she chooses.

All the site requires from the user is to open an account by providing the full legal name of the trader, a working email address, the country the user resides in and a phone number. A verification link is then sent to the email address provided and once the email address is verified, the trader is then prompted to create a password.

A user can choose to turn on the auto trading mode which gives the robots complete control over the account and makes all trades without necessarily consulting the trader or can choose the manual mode. The manual mode allows the trader to make decisions on trades with assistance from the trading bots who continually predict trading possibilities for traders.

Account Types on Bitcoin Compass

After a trader registers on the bitcoin Compass software, he/she then has to choose an account type amongst the two accounts offered by the platform – Demo and Live Account

  • Demo Trading Account

A demo trading account is an account that helps traders learn more about trading before going into trading in full. This helps traders understand the market better to minimize losses in the live trading room. This trading account works exactly like a live trading account as there are profits and losses to be made but the profit cannot be cashed out and the losses do not affect the trader’s deposit.

There is no need for a trader to deposit using this account because it doesn’t need money to work, the account runs on past data gathered by the auto trading bots. The account allows the trader to get acquainted with the platform and when you’re comfortable enough to try out trading with real money, the live trading is available for you.

  • Live Trading Account

A user can choose to bypass the demo trading account if he/she feels experienced enough to trade with all the risks, the users can switch to each of the accounts at any given time with no hassles. The live trading account requires a deposit by the trader to access as the trades are very real, it allows you to set a stop-loss limit to avoid losing all your money if a trade goes awry for you.

As soon as profits are made on this account, the software transfers funds to the trader’s account immediately in case the user wants to withdraw funds immediately. This account can be set to auto trade or manual trade at any time and the platform will still work to your favor. Traders can choose a particular amount to invest, which cryptocurrency to use while trading and so much more in Bitcoin Compass live trading room.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process on Bitcoin Compass

Deposits are pretty easy to make on this platform, traders are allowed to use different payment options like MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrills and so much more to make deposits on Bitcoin Compass. The minimum amount that can be deposited and traded with on the software is $250 but there is no maximum amount to be deposited, so a trader can choose to trade with as much money as he/she so chooses.

Withdrawals are also quite simple and fast on this platform, a trader can withdraw from the platform in less than 24 hours. A trader simply need to put in a request for withdrawal and the request is processed within 24 hours of being made, the software is reliable and there are no charges attached to making withdrawals on the platform. There is also no limit to how much a trader can withdraw from his/her account, so a trader can choose to withdraw all funds or part of it at a time.


From facts gathered and testimonials gathered from users who have benefitted from this platform, it is safe to say that this is a great trading platform where you can make a lot of profit. The platform puts in all resources to ensure users make profits from the crypto market, even brokers affiliated to the site are certified with years of experience on their side.

Crypto trading is risky generally and no trading platform can give a 100% assurance that all trades brokered will end up successful. Bitcoin compass has a 90% success rate, so traders have a higher chance of succeeding on this platform than failing.

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