If you refer to Bitcoin as the currency of the future, then you wouldn’t be wrong at all. Since 2009 when Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto who is a software engineer, it has fast become a leading digital currency. He proposed Bitcoin as a medium of exchange that used cryptography for its creation and management also, instead of continually relying on paper money which has a central government that controls it.

Ever since its release, cryptocurrencies have fast risen as a common trend among investors. The fluctuating market has risen the value of one bitcoin to $17000 at some point before declining once again. More people are deciding to invest in this market with the hopes of making profits from it and bitcoins can be bought online or from other people in various marketplaces.

However you choose to purchase bitcoins, you will come to find that bitcoins are generally expensive to purchase these days. This is because of its value in the market and no matter how low the value of bitcoin becomes in the market, a bitcoin trader will always choose to sell it at a high price because it tends to become more valuable with time.

Because of how expensive and unaffordable bitcoin has become in the market, there are now platforms where you can create bitcoins out of nothing to start trading with. Sounds impossible, right? Bitcoin mining makes it entirely possible.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

When you hear the phrase ‘bitcoin mining’, your mind probably conjures up an image of a dark cave where you have to dig deep to strike gold. This is far less dramatic than that but shares the same purpose. Bitcoin mining is a platform that allows people to create legit bitcoins without having to spend a single dime.

Bitcoin mining is carried out by computers that are left to solve complex mathematical problems and as a reward for solving this complex maths problem, a computer is rewarded with a new bitcoin. They do this by creating a new transaction for every mathematical problem solved by a computer, these transactions are then added to the public record of bitcoin transactions called the blockchain.

These transactions are important because they help to verify your generated bitcoin in the future. If your bitcoin cannot be verified, then they are essentially useless in the market place. These bitcoins are new and not duplicated as that can end up causing an issue for the trader in future transactions when the bitcoin needs to be verified.

The problem now becomes finding a mining website that truly delivers on its promises to create free bitcoins for you. It is hard to find secure websites that you can confidently rely on to deliver free bitcoins to you, this is because there are lots of scam websites that offer many attractive incentives for fast and easy profits and end up not delivering at the end of the day. Such websites end up wasting your time and resources and leave you high and dry on the road.

Some mining websites can be trusted though but how to find the ruby among the rubbles becomes the problem. This is why we would be reviewing one of the mining websites out there to help you get a better view of how they work and if it is worth trying out.

What is Bitcoin Generator?

Because of the many automated trading robots in the crypto market these days, it has become increasingly difficult to separate the real trading robots from the fake ones. A lot of developers are in the market to earn as much profits as they can from many traders without necessarily delivering the promised product.

Bitcoin Generator is a mining software designed for people who need bitcoins and do not have the funds to buy them off the market. This mining website assures its users of its ability to generate bitcoins for its users just like that and at no cost at all. It is a hard pill to swallow considering the price of bitcoin in the market but this mining software promises exactly that on its website.

The website requires its users to simply state how much coins he or she desires, the website then generates these coins and deliver them to the user’s wallet without much work from the user. All the user is required to do is leave your computer running so it can mine bitcoins on your behalf while you go on with your daily tasks.

Prominent Features of Bitcoin Generator

  • Easy Access

Most bitcoin traders are not exactly tech-savvy, most tech mining companies out there require the users to buy hardware and start mining coins by themselves and so this requires a certain level of expertise on the side of the miner. This makes it hard for just anyone out there to enter the mining world. This is not the same with Bitcoin Generator as all it requires is a specification of how much coins you want and it gets to work for you.

  • Free of Charge

Unlike other bitcoin mining companies that require its users to buy hardware at exorbitant prices, Bitcoin Generator is free of charge as there are no hidden costs and it doesn’t charge you to withdraw your earnings at the end of the mining process, it simply transfers the coins into the wallet address provided.

  • Easy Registration Process

The registration process on the Bitcoin generator is easy and simple, it simply requires the user to provide the bitcoin wallet address and state the number of coins you would like to generate. The system then goes to work and mines the coins specified for you by using your computer to solve the complex mathematical problems while you get on with your day. It is very easy and literally anybody can do it too.

  • High Profitability

Suffice to say, this bitcoin mining software is very profitable to its user. The user pays nothing and gets bitcoins in return, it is an easy exchange of your electricity for bitcoins and the bitcoins generated can be used in the crypto market to earn huge amounts of profits as they are verifiable.

  • Privacy

Bitcoin Generator assures its users of their privacy as it allows the user to remain anonymous while using its website to generate coins. The site doesn’t request for the personal information of the user or even contact information, it simply requests a wallet address it can send the coins generated to when it is done mining.

How Bitcoin Generator Works

How Bitcoin Generator Works

On the homepage of the website, it is stated that the website is designed to create bitcoins which are then transferred into the user’s address for use. Bitcoin generator differs from so many other mining pools because it doesn’t require the user to pay any money whatsoever. It is completely free to the public and this means there are no hidden charges later.

The site doesn’t require detailed information about the user to register, it requires no personal information at all. All it requests from the user is the public address to his/her wallet and then the user is also required to stipulate the number of bitcoin he/she wants to be generated and then click on the ‘generate’ tab so the software can go to work.

The website clearly states that the higher the amount of bitcoin the user wants to be generated, the longer it would take to complete the process. There is also a time limit for the generation of the bitcoins, so it is advised that a miner starts small to get quick results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Site Legit or a Scam?

This question is a tough one to answer as there are no many testimonials online to ascertain how good this website is. Also, there is still a question mark on the developers of the software. The website was altogether difficult to locate and the scarcity of information about this website makes it hard to classify as a scam or as legit. The fact that it comes at no charge at all makes it worth a try as you have nothing to lose.

  • How Long Does it take to mine on Bitcoin Generator?

The timing depends on just how many bitcoins you want to generate, a small amount is easy to generate and take very little time while a large amount of bitcoins takes much more time. It is important to note that there is a limit to the time you can generate bitcoins and once the time is up, you have to start all over again and at another time.

  • How Can I Transfer Generated Bitcoins From Bitcoin Generator?

This process is easy and effortless on the side of the user, the website transfers the generated bitcoins into the wallet address provided at registration once the mining is complete.

The Verdict

It can be very hard to get your hopes raised at the promise of free bitcoins and dashed at the end of the day and that is what happens with many bitcoin mining software out there. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize genuine mining software and fake ones.

Bitcoin Generator raises a lot of questions on its transparency due to little information about it but what makes it worth a try is that it is easy to use and there are no charges attached to mining on its website. The crypto market is risky on every side and bitcoin generation is no different, you have to be willing to risk being let down if you want to make profits on the site.

It is sometimes better to just go about getting bitcoins the normal way by simply purchasing it in marketplaces or exchange markets online. But if you’re willing to press your luck, Bitcoin Generator is available for you at any given time.

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