Many traders from around the world are trying to make as much profits as they can on the digital money market. Investors are cashing out every day and more people are beginning to throw caution to the wind and jump right in. Trading with cryptocurrency has fast become the next big thing and a lot of people are making profits every day, just as others are counting their losses.

Bitcoin trading comes with a lot of risks that can be destabilizing when it goes wrong, understanding the market trends is a tedious business. Any newbie in this digital money market will first have to learn how the trade works before making a venture into risking his/her money. Such a person will also have to pick a trading platform which helps to make transactions, one of such platform is Bitcoin News Trader.


What is Bitcoin News Trader?


Bitcoin News Trader has become quite popular since its invention and a lot of people are beginning to wonder if it is as legit as it claims on its platform. People are beginning to wonder how true the high profitability claims on the platform are, this is why we’re here to provide the intrinsic details about this trading platform to you to help you make up your mind.

Like many other automated trading robots, Bitcoin News Trader is a crypto trading platform that makes use of advanced algorithms to make accurate predictions that helps its users gain high profits when they embark on crypto trades. Although the bitcoin trading platform is open to anyone who wants to go into crypto trading, there is a limitation on the number of members the automated trading platform is taking on.

What this trading platform does for its members is making the most of the invested amount by the trader so that the proceeds would be even higher. The platform then transfers the profits back to the trader very quickly in case the trader wants to make a withdrawal at once. Trading on this platform is a good way to invest as it helps make an income, as well as serve as a retirement plan and a one-way ticket to financial freedom.

As to whether Bitcoin News Trader is legit or a scam like many others, all clues point to legitimacy. The site can be trusted because it is as effective as it claims. This active, automated trading platform has gathered positive reports due to its high success rate in the crypto trading market.

Questions have arisen as to who founded Bitcoin News Trader, there have been speculations about which genius came up with this idea. This automated trading platform clears the air on who invented it as it gives credit to a team of people who put their expertise together and came up with this technological masterpiece.

How does it Work?

What is Bitcoin News Trader

Many automated crypto trading robots claim to be faster than humans in making accurate predictions about the crypto market and this is quite true, they offer a stress-less trading experience. Bitcoin News Trader claims to be even faster in its predictions than other automated trading platforms out there.

This automated trading platform assesses trade news around the world to understand the trends and recognize the indicators of a rise or fall in the market trends. Based on its analysis of market trends, it makes predictions and then helps traders make the smartest decision when trading in the crypto market. Its advanced algorithms make it impossible for the automated trading robots to miss out on any market trend that can help the traders on its platform make profits.

All accounts on the site make use of the US Dollars in all its accounts, so a trader does not have to go through the stress of exchanging cash for Bitcoin in its trading. The fact that it is automated is another helpful feature that makes this site as amazing as it looks, it takes care of everything while the trader cashes in daily.

Salient Features of Bitcoin News Trader

This automated crypto trading platform offers some features that make it stand out amongst many other trading platforms and attracts traders to give it a trial.

  • User Friendly

This automated trading platform has a friendly user interface that makes trading on the platform a smooth experience. The platform offers little information that guides you through registration and getting started on trading on its platform. The auto-trading feature also helps the trader make money on its trade with little supervision on the side of the trader. It does all the research and then presents the best possibilities before the trader.

  • High Profitability

Based on testimonials and feedbacks from people who have used the platform for trading, this automated crypto trading robot offers its user’s high profitability on every trade. It is possible to cash in every day on this site due to its extensive research and advanced algorithm. Its past data processing feature helps the trading bot provide users with many opportunities to make money in the ever-changing crypto market.

  • Fast Liquidation

Bitcoin News Trader makes it possible for its platform members to liquidate their cryptocurrency almost immediately and cash out if they so desire. The process is swift as the trading platform transfers each users’ returns to them speedily. This lack of delay places Bitcoin News Trader above many trading platforms who delay traders when they try to liquidate cryptocurrencies.

  • Extensive Research

Bitcoin News Trader makes in-depth research about the market before making its prediction, it swiftly assesses the market trend before providing traders with trading possibilities. Its ability to access trends of the various crypto market worldwide is how it can recognize when a spike in the crypto market is imminent due to a price.

  • Customer Support

Bitcoin News Trader trading platform offers its users an efficient customer service support. The auto trading robots work around the clock to satisfy its user and that includes the customer support section. Customer support is available 24/7 in case the users have any inquiries or problems that need to be addressed immediately.

  • Registration

Registration on the site is stress-free and very easy, the privacy of the user is ensured as little information is required when registering on the platform. All the platform requires is the user’s legal name in full and an active email address, a verification link is then sent to the provided email address to complete the registration.

This link takes the user to a form to provide a contact number, country, and to form a password unique to the user. After this, the account is set up and the user is ready to trade.

Account Types Offered By Bitcoin News Trader

This auto crypto trading platform offers every user the chance to learn to trade and trade with the account types offered on its platform.

  • Demo Trading Account

This account type can be bypassed if the trader has ample experience in crypto trading and isn’t interested in learning more. But for traders who are newbies in the market, the demo trading account is ideal for practicing. This trading platform’s demo trading account is an account that has all the features of a live trading account but is run on historical data gathered by the auto trading bots and no real money is needed to trade.

The profits made on this account cannot be cashed out because they are not real, the losses do not also affect the deposit of the users. It is considered a training ground for traders before they fully enter the live trading room. In this room, a trader becomes acquainted with how the market runs and the trends of the market. Once a trader feels ready, he/she can switch to the live trading account.

  • Live Trading Account

The live trading account is where the stakes are real, every training gathered through the demo trading account is put to good use in this account to make profits and maximize losses. The trader is expected to make trades that have high profitability rates and the profits are quickly transferred to the user’s account on the platform.

The trader can choose to turn on auto trading so that the bot makes a trade on his/her behalf. Users can also choose to have the final say with assistance from the automated trading bots who presents users with as many profit-making possibilities as it gathers.

How to Make Deposit and Withdrawal on Bitcoin News Trader

Making deposits and withdrawals on the platform is very fast and easy, users are advised to make deposits from extra cash and not their savings in case of losses. It is also advised that a trader withdraws their profits very quickly and only reinvest 50% of the profit if they so wish.

  • Making Deposits

The trading platform only allows a minimum of $250 deposit by users who want to access the live trading room. The platform is very secure as all data are encrypted, the trading platform also supports different payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Skrills amongst others. Once a user provides bank account details, the money is immediately sent to the user’s account to facilitate immediate trading on the platform.

  • Making Withdrawals

Withdrawal is just as fast on the trading platform, users can cash out any time they desire. Payment takes less than 24 hours after the withdrawal request is made. The user is expected to provide account details and payment is made in the currency of the country in which the bank account details are provided. It is advised that traders withdraw their profits daily to keep a financial cushion prepared for the future in case of uncertainties.


Bitcoin News Trader works round the clock to deliver its promise of high profits every day for its users. Feedbacks from the platform members’ shows that the platform does offer its users high win rates, the minimum deposit of $250 allows wary traders to start little till they’re ready for higher risks.

The trading platform is very legit in its dealings and has gathered positive testimonies of giving accurate predictions at the right time to help its users enjoy the best trading deals. It is user friendly and even though automated trading platforms cannot offer 100% success to its users, Bitcoin News Trader gives you great odds to consider trading with them.

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