When cryptocurrencies came into existence, many people brushed it off as another scam venture. Some people believed that it would run its course and go away like many trends out there. There were others though who believed cryptocurrency was here to stay and that it would take over someday.

As more people took risks in investing in this volatile market, it became increasingly popular as many people became millionaires from the market. The testimonials made more people throw caution to the wind and invest in the bitcoin market with hopes of cashing out great profits. While some made profits, others made losses as the market trend is ever-changing.

Now that Bitcoin is fast becoming the new currency of the world, many people around the world are looking for ways to get some bitcoins for themselves so they can also begin trading and that is where faucets come in.


What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

When a person wanders into the world of bitcoin, he/she is bound to become very confused by the various terms used in the crypto market. One of those terms is ‘Bitcoin Faucet’, but this is one of those terms anyone in the bitcoin market would appreciate as it is out to favor everyone. A bitcoin faucet is any site that gives out free bitcoins when you visit their site.

That’s right! It is very possible to get cryptocurrency for free and the bitcoin gotten can be used to trade when gathered. This website gives anyone who visits their site free bitcoin in exchange for performing some activities on the website. This activity could be signing up, playing games, or viewing an ad. Whatever the task is, you get rewarded at the end.

Now, the amount these bitcoin faucet offers are usually very little and not much to start trading with at first, but when gathered over time by continually revisiting the website and performing various tasks, the amount can be gathered to an amount good enough to begin trading with. Some bitcoin faucets even require the users to reach a certain amount of coin before it is released to them.

While there are various bitcoin faucets out there one can use to win free coins, we will be reviewing Bitcoin Zebra, a fast-rising bitcoin faucet in the cryptocurrency world.

What We Know About Bitcoin Zebra

What We Know About Bitcoin Zebra

Bitcoin Zebra is one amongst many bitcoin faucets in the cryptocurrency world but it is fast becoming popular for all the right reasons. Bitcoin Zebra is a great faucet for people interested in earning bitcoins for free. This website offers between the range of 100 – 1000 bitcoins also known as satoshi to everyone who visits its site.

The bitcoin awarding website requires users to play games and view ads every hour and the more a player performs these tasks, they ‘feed the zebra’ and their coins keep accumulating. There is a very high level of free bitcoin to be gotten on this site and at basically no cost at all.

Testimonials from people who have used the website to earn satoshis show that the site is legit and delivers on its promises very often. It has the free coins to offer and the rest is up to you if you want to get them, up to 1000 satoshi is available every hour.

Every time a person visits the Bitcoin Zebra website, he/she performs tasks and at the end of the hour, the person receives their coins. This faucet payout amount is chosen randomly from the amount listed on the site in green, this amounts range from 100, 200, 500 to 1000 but the highest remains a 1000 satoshi. A faithful user of this bitcoin faucet could earn up to 24000 satoshis daily but that is the limit.

Salient Features of Bitcoin Zebra

  • Anonymity

Bitcoin Zebra offers its users anonymity on the website, your privacy is assured as it doesn’t require personal information of its visitors to begin earning. Users of this bitcoin faucet get to remain anonymous to the site unlike other websites that give out free cash and sometimes request the personal information of its users to be eligible.

  • Fast Loading Time

Feedback from users of this bitcoin faucet shows that the site loads pretty fast unlike some other faucets who load slowly and don’t give the user enough chance within the hour to make enough satoshi. The advertisement is quite low but then again, you’re there for the coins and not the picture quality.

  • Quick Payouts

Bitcoin Zebra pays its users very quickly and doesn’t charge for payouts. You are given an option of getting an immediate payout or waiting a week so your coins can accumulate over time, the choice remains yours and the bitcoin faucet doesn’t withhold your coins from you at any time.

  • Google Chrome Extension

One of the amazing features that make Bitcoin Zebra stand out amongst many others is the fact that it offers a Google Chrome extension which is meant to alert you whenever it’s time for you to get a payout from the Bitcoin Zebra website. No other faucet has this feature which makes Bitcoin Zebra even more amazing for having such a feature.

  • User Friendly

The Bitcoin Zebra website is very user friendly and designed to catch the attention of those who venture into the site, their site is very reliable and although the captcha sometimes requires going an extra step, it is very easy to read and understand. The best thing is that it always loads fast to get you on your way.

Withdrawal Process of Bitcoin Zebra

Bitcoin Zebra allows its users to choose from two different methods of payout – daily payout and weekly payout.

  • Daily Payout

A user of this bitcoin faucet cashes out immediately from the site when he/she chooses to enter an email address. This method of payout earns the user a 50% bonus during the payout from the faucet. The email address provided must be connected to a free online Bitcoin wallet from Xapo and the payout amount ranges from 150 satoshis to over 1500 satoshi.

  • Weekly Payout

Users of the Bitcoin Zebra faucet can cash out weekly by providing a bitcoin wallet address. The won bitcoins are accumulated and when they get to at least 5500, the amount is paid into the bitcoin wallet address provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Bitcoin Zebra Secure?

The Bitcoin Zebra faucet is secure, it allows the users to maintain a level of privacy for their safety. Bitcoin Zebra does not require financial information of anyone who visits its site, this bitcoin faucet allows users to enjoy getting rewards for their activities on the site while enjoying anonymity and security.

  • How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Claims on Bitcoin Zebra?

There is no waiting time on the immediate payout option which requires just the email address of the user. The weekly payout option on the other hand requires users to wait a week for their bitcoin to be credited into their wallet.

  • What is the Referral Fee of Bitcoin Zebra?

Bitcoin Zebra has an amazing referral bonus, it pays a commission of 50% to the referrer on every payout of every new user referred. This is very generous as most bitcoin faucet doesn’t pay that much commission.

  • Are there other ways of Making Money on Bitcoin Zebra?

Yes, Bitcoin Zebra offers other opportunities to make more earnings on its site. The site allows each visitor to make a gamble with no risk at all after every faucet payout. This faucet website allows the user to gamble on the zebra multiplier so that a user can multiply their faucet winnings by up to 1000.

  • What is the Minimum Amount I can Withdraw from Bitcoin Zebra?

There is no minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the Bitcoin Zebra website, you can choose to withdraw all your earnings immediately or let it gather for a week before the withdrawal.


You need to understand that Bitcoin faucets cannot make anyone become a millionaire, it is not designed that way. Bitcoin Faucet’s payout is always quite small and they fluctuate according to the market value of bitcoins.

These websites keep you coming back by offering a different amount of satoshis which is the smallest denominations of bitcoin being used. One payout is never enough to trade in the bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Zebra is a great site to begin if you want to get those bitcoins at no price at all. A great way to make the website interesting for you is to only perform activities you know you’re bound to enjoy. It’s a win-win situation because you are forced to watch ads every time on the internet, except this time, you get paid for it.

Bitcoin makes the activities worth it because it is constantly growing and gaining value. Bitcoin Zebra gives you a chance of cashing in on the bitcoin market. It is secure, fast, and reliable, so don’t hesitate to visit the site and start accumulating those satoshis.

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