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If you take out some time to scroll around the crypto-sphere, you will realize that everyone appears to be a crypto critic, expert, sales or mostly a combination of the three. When it comes to the latest development related to Ethereum, it can be very difficult to just cut through the noise to reach the real information. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just find a few sites that can provide you with the latest news about Ethereum? This would make it so much easier for you to make decisions and learn all there is about this cryptocurrency.  Read on Xtrgatescam to find out all the answers & Listed below are some of the best sites where you can easily find news about Ethereum:

  • Week in Ethereum

This is the weekly roundup of the Ethereum’s ecosystem by Evan Van Ness, which has been operating since 2016. It is the top stop of many industry insiders when they are interested in the latest blockchain news. The weekly newsletter and website’s no-nonsense and lo-fi approach is a killer because there is no filler. It boasts development updates, media coverage, business news, along with a calendar of blockchain events.

  • MTI’s Chain Letter

MIT’s Technology Review put forth this weekly newsletter, which is known as Chain Letter. It can be a powerful source of news every Tuesday and Thursday. The newsletter is focused on wider blockchain tech and it delivers by discussing the substantive issues of the week that are analyzed rigorously. The good thing about Chain Letter is that it is a quick read and is packed with information and should be on your list when you want to learn about the blockchain.

  • Decrypt

There are a number of crypto media outlets that tend towards clickbait headlines and tabloid sensationalism. Decrypt is different from them because it boasts quality reporting regarding the blockchain space, which is quite broad in scope and delivers this information in a rather humorous manner. You can receive quick hits in your inbox through the Daily Debrief newsletter whereas the amazing Litepaper by Decrypt provides in-depth explainers on almost every imaginable Ethereum-related topic with a user-friendly and vibrant design.

  • Epicenter

With more than 300 podcasts and 5 years plus, it is apparent that one of the cornerstones of blockchain media is the Epicenter Weekly podcast. It regularly hosts most of the most accomplished and influential people in Ethereum as well as the larger blockchain system. Hence, Epicenter podcasts are certainly a primary source for what is currently happening in the industry and what could happen in the future.

  • EthHub

The purpose of EthHub is to provide one source for all vital information regarding Ethereumand it uses a four-pronged method for accomplishing this goal. The EthHub repository comprises of open documentation for tech and BUIDLing whereas there are some deep and detailed conversations with some of the most accomplished and renowned Ethereum developers in the great Into the Ether podcast. You can also get project updates and news from the weekly ETHHub blog and newsletter.

  • Kauri

All developers should definitely take note of Kauri, which is a knowledge network based on Ethereum. It is an excellent place for learning how to build decentralized apps and code smart contracts. It is a portal where individuals and teams can engage, curate and generate high quality and up-to-date resources in an open-source and decentralized way. Web2 developers who are stepping into Web3 will find it an excellent place to get started and Kauri will also be great for experienced teams of BUIDLers.

  • Crypt0’s News

If you want all your Ethereum news to be delivered in person and live, one of the most impartial, informed and enthusiastic voices that you will find in Crypto YouTube is Crypt0- AKA Omar Bham. Most of the vloggers you will come across tend to be maximalists towards a specific philosophy or tech. It is different with Crypt0’s News because it delivers real-time reporting on what is happening in the world of blockchain and crypto and gives you a balanced view.

These are some of the top websites and blogs you should visit for getting all your latest Ethereum-related information and beef up your knowledge about his unique part of the crypto industry.

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